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Putting our money where our mouth is

For as long as Visceral has existed, we’ve looked for ways that we could be better. We’ve found new ways and refined processes to deliver great work to our clients. We’ve sponsored events like ComNet. We’ve donated both time and money to organizations we care about and we do pro bono work when we’re in a financial position to do so.

This summer, we worked with our retirement plan administrators, using data from places like As You Sow to ensure our team members could invest their employer-matched retirement funds in things that align with their values. Today, I’m proud to announce that Visceral is moving our primary bank accounts, loans, and credit line in this direction as well because where you put your money matters.

For years we’ve banked with JPMorgan Chase because, to be honest, they were easy and our banking needs were minimal, but we’ve always been extremely bothered by the fact that they’re one of the largest funders of fossil fuels. Earlier this year as the pandemic swept the nation we, along with many other small businesses, struggled to get in touch with anyone as story after story broke about Chase giving preferential treatment to large organizations. So we went looking for a new place to keep our money and are excited to be working with San Diego local Endeavor Bank.

I was introduced to Endeavor through some other local small business owners and within a couple of days, I was having an hour-long phone call with co-founder / CEO Dan Yates who is incredibly friendly and asked great questions about our business, our values, and our role in the community. That hit home because it’s exactly the way that Visceral conducts business and how we think that business should be. We pride ourselves on being accessible and on having candid conversations about how we can help, and it was refreshing to get that same feeling from a bank right here in our community.

Every decision we make as a team is guided by our core values, and we’re excited to have this portion of the business aligned with those values now as well.