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Our New Visual Identity: Honoring Our Purpose

Introducing the latest evolution of Visceral’s visual identity. Expressed through our new website, the transformation marks another chapter in our brand’s journey.

What’s in a Name?

To be visceral is to be evocative, immediate, and impossible to deny. As a creative agency, it means leaning in on our instincts and hard-earned experience. Our new visual identity honors this ethos, capturing the energy we put into everything we do.

“Our name inspired us. We wanted to return to our roots and create something powerful yet purposeful. Something that builds on the idea that design is not seen, but experienced.”

—Allen Hopper, Chief Creative Officer

We’ve embraced our new color palette, experimenting with unique and sometimes surprising color combinations. This vibrancy and diversity celebrates the unique organizations we collaborate with and the issues that matter most to us. By applying timeless yet dynamic typography treatments, we highlight our services, approach, and culture.

Honoring Our Purpose

Visceral occupies a special place in the creative industry, focusing on building brands and digital products for visionary people and ideas—organizations working on the front lines of the most pressing issues of our time. We wanted to showcase not only our work but also our commitment to playing a small part in helping solve these challenges.

Visceral lives out these commitments by threading the line between profit and purpose. Whether it’s our nearly decade-long B Corp Certification, our dedication to sustainable business practices, or our work on local policy issues that make change in our community, our new website ensures commitments stand up and stand out.

“It’s remarkable that almost two decades into running this business, we still have the same excitement, the same desire to build something fresh and new. Our new brand reflects our core value of always learning and growing.”

—Jay Buys, Co-Founder & CEO

Forever Moving Forward

Branding is an evolutionary journey. This is just one stop, but we’re excited to share it with the world. Whether you love it or hate it, it tells our story in brighter, more vibrant ways that are uniquely ours.