Visceral’s First Major Pro Bono Project

Since Visceral opened its doors nearly 14 years ago, we’ve done a lot of projects and worked with a lot of organizations that we’re proud of. And with every step of our business journey, we’ve looked for opportunities to be better and give back. We’re regular volunteers in our community; we became a certified B Corp; we cover 100% of our employees’ and their dependents’ health, vision, and dental insurance; and we introduced a profit-pooling policy so that all team members benefit when Visceral does well.

Today, we’re proud to announce our latest addition to giving back: the launch of Visceral’s first major pro bono project — a brand and website for Business for Good San Diego. This is the culmination of many months of hard work and dedication from the Visceral team.

Business for Good San Diego (BFGSD) is a nonprofit on a mission to unite local business owners to drive policy that improves our community. Locally owned businesses represent more than 97% of San Diego businesses, but they are almost always excluded from the decision-making tables of local and state governments.

The goal of BFGSD is to change that by creating seats at the policy-making tables for local business owners. When this happens, we can create real change around the issues that are most important to us and to our communities. Visceral has been a BFGSD member since 2018, and I’ve been on the board for about a year. I can tell you first-hand that this is a group of fiercely determined people who care deeply about making San Diego the best it can be for all its residents, and Visceral is honored to be a part of it.

To our clients: We extend our highest gratitude. We try to put every dollar you invest with us to good use. The fact that we’re in a financial position to be able to support something we care so much about is a direct result of our work with you. A heartfelt thank you.

To our fellow San Diego businesses: We invite you to join us as we fight for progressive policies that benefit not only our local businesses but all San Diegans.

To our agency peers and competitors: We challenge you to think about what you can do with the resources you have and to get involved in making your community better.

To the Visceral team: We’d never be able to do any of this without your courage, heart, and above all, your relentless dedication to our work and more importantly, our values. You all are the absolute best.

Special shout out to Sarah Beauchemin of Protagonist Content, who was instrumental in crafting the messaging strategy and content for the site. Also to Lindsay LaShell at Diamond + Branch, who will help forge our marketing efforts now that the site is live. These wonderful people also did this work pro bono because they believe in the impact that BFGSD is making.

One final thought – the fact that this site launched last week on Super Tuesday feels very appropriate. At a time when our goals, energy, and resilience are being tested every day, it’s more important than ever for us to work together towards a vision that includes a better future for all of us.

Jay Buys

CEO & Co-founder

As a computer programmer turned CEO my job these days is mostly strategy and problem solving. I get to think about the problems in the world and how we can help the organizations that tackle them.

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