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Your Grants.
Your Way.

Grant Directory Pro helps foundations create a searchable directory of grants on any WordPress website. 

Search. Filter. Explore.

With Grant Directory Pro you share your data your way. Features like search, filters, customized listings, data visualizations, and maps make sharing and navigating your grant data easy!


Your data, your way

We customize the display of data by incorporating specific data points such as funding area, year granted, geography, grant amount, and more!


Visualize your impact

Visualize your reach through animated charts and graphs. Create an at-a-glance view of your grantmaking by year, by program/focus area, or by other criteria unique to your foundation’s giving.


Works with your data

We work with you to get the data out of your grants management software or CRM and into the website. Create a sync routine or make it fully automated—we’ll consult with you on the best approach.


Visceral + Grant Diretory Pro

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How It Works

Seamless Setup by an Experienced Team

Schedule a 30-minute, sales-pitch-free call to discuss whether Grant Directory Pro is a good option for you.

Together, we define the requirements and manage the creation of the grant directory and optional data visualizations.

You review, approve, and enjoy your new web-based grant directory!


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About Grant Directory Pro

Grant Directory Pro is a WordPress plugin created by Visceral—an agency dedicated to helping foundations and nonprofits build digital platforms that serve their missions. We created Grant Directory Pro as a cost-effective way to help foundations incorporate their grantmaking data into their websites.

Grant Directory Pro can be installed on almost any WordPress website. We work with you on what grant data you want to display, establish a workflow for getting the data out of your grants management system and onto the website, and configure the plugin to integrate seamlessly into your existing website

Grant Directory Pro is packed with features:

  • Searching & Filtering: Include search and filtering options, providing your users with a list of awarded grants organized with customizable criteria like focus area, program, year, grant amount, status, and more.
  • Grant Listing: Grant listings are tailored to the specific data you want to display. Want to display logos or links to grantee websites? No problem. Prefer a list view over a grid view? Grant Directory Pro can handle that. Want to hide or show particular data points? There aren’t many limitations to what we can do.
  • Data visualization: Visualize your grant data through charts and graphs with interactive links to the directory.
  • Maps: Map your grantmaking reach nationally or globally.

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Consultation (FREE): We offer a 30-minute introductory conversation where we can see if Grant Directory Pro is a good fit for your foundation.

Configuration & Customization ($25,000 one-time fee): We charge a flat fee to coordinate, configure, integrate, and test the plugin seamlessly into your website. Each configuration is tailored your your unique data, user experience, and workflow requirements.

License ($2400 per year): By licensing the plugin, you get access to Visceral’s support and regular plugin updates.

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