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Have a Grants Database? Meet Grant Directory Pro.

We are excited to launch Grant Directory Pro — the only WordPress plugin that helps foundations display grantmaking data on their website.

Having a searchable grants database on your website is essential to any foundation seeking transparency into its grantmaking practices. Not only does transparency strengthen credibility, it also helps grantees see how they align with your giving and strategies.

It sounds straightforward, but getting grant data onto a website and making it searchable is not always easy. We created Grant Directory Pro as a cost-effective solution that helps foundations with WordPress-based websites share their grant data in a searchable online directory.


Create a grant directory on your website

Grant Directory Pro creates an intuitive grant directory in your WordPress website where users can search by keyword with filter options that align with your foundation’s unique approach to grantmaking.


Your data, your way.

With Grant Explorer Pro we customize the display of grants to align with your strategies. Prefer to share less? That’s fine. Want to include logos? No problem. Prefer a list view over a grid view? There’s almost no limit to how we can present your grantmaking.


Visualize your reach with charts/graphs

Visualize the data with animated charts and graphs. Highlight your grantmaking by year, by program/focus area, and more!


Show your reach with maps

Show the geographic impact and location of your grantees with integrated maps.


Connect with your grants management platform/CRM

Automatically sync data from your grants management platform or create a manual workflow. The approach and frequency of the routine is up to you.


Blend seamlessly with your website design

Best of all, Grant Directory Pro blends seamlessly into your WordPress website and aligns with your brand.


If you’re curious about whether Grant Directory Pro is a good fit for your foundation, contact us and schedule a 30-minute, pitch-free consultation.