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Stand Up. Stand Out.

The painful events of the past week are reminders that we still have a race problem in this country. In what has become alarmingly routine, George Floyd’s murder at the hands and knees of a police officer in Minneapolis reminds us that Black people in America are no closer to equality in 2020 then we were in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act passed.

But as we mourn his senseless death and dozens of others before him (Say Their Names) we are also reminded that we can take action. We can listen to the words of the Black community. We can take to the streets to voice our anger. We can demand leaders enact change and hold them accountable. For years at Visceral, we have been committed to empowering organizations and individuals that shine a light on those who need to be seen and heard. This is how we take action and we will continue this work. Clearly more needs to be done, and we will seek ways to do more.

Visceral is making a donation to Black Visions Collective. Their vision is one we must all share: where ALL Black lives not only matter, but are able to thrive. In addition, we will match the donations of all nine of our team members to the organization of their choice.

We are proud that our purpose is to inspire change. To our partners and colleagues, please lend your resources, voices, and dollars to help create a safer, more compassionate nation.