Tell us about your job at Visceral

I support and lead our creative efforts to ensure we deliver thoughtful and unique solutions – I’m a design communicator. Forming and articulating creative ideas to connect our team to the needs of our clients is more of my focus than pushing pixels (though I push many pixels). As a founding member of the team, it’s also my responsibility to expand our circle of influence and introduce us to more opportunities. So, really, this means I’m wearing fewer shirts with hoods and showing my face more.

Which of Visceral’s values do you associate with most and why?

Craft With Purpose: It’s a reminder that what we do matters and to take pride in it. There are a few ways to interpret this, but the heart of it is to care about the work we’re doing because the organizations we choose to partner with care. They are driven by their mission – some of which have life or death consequences – and are trusting Visceral to get them there. To me, it’s the Chief Executive Value of Visceral.

If you could give the high school you any piece of advice what would it be?

Trust your gut and go. Doubt is your worst enemy at this age – don’t over-think. Regardless of what you want to do in life, be mindful of any consequences but don’t be handcuffed by them. Regardless of what you do, embrace and process failure and success equally since it’s impossible to have one without the other.

What are the causes you care most about?

I care about causes dedicated to enriching children and young adults with holistic experiences in and outside of the classroom. For years I’ve donated to and volunteered for organizations that value education and development. Many schools are underserved, teachers are underpaid, and students of primarily lower socio-economic groups take the brunt of it.