What do you do at Visceral?

I lead our team and clients in creating brands and digital experiences that help address some of the most complex challenges of our time. I get close to the issues, understand the audiences we are trying to reach, and then deliver on the most creative solutions needed to reshape perspectives and drive people to take action.

What inspires you?

Pressure. I take creative inspiration from everyone and everything around me, but it’s really pressure that makes things happen for me. It can come in the form of a tough deadline where my most creative ideas get eked out in the last minute, or it can come from the pressure of solving a challenging problem (usually both). At Visceral, we work on some incredibly important issues, so the pressure of expressing them in compelling and relevant ways is a huge responsibility—one that inspires some of my most creative thinking.

What issues do you care about most?

Our political leaders and institutions are failing us: the wealth continues to widen, access to quality education gets more challenging, our ecosystem gets more fragile, and powerful corporations control everything from our food sources to our news sources. I grew up with the internet and remember when platforms and algorithms had less control over public opinion. The early internet inspired me and I want to preserve what I loved most: freedom of expression and the ability to connect with the world on your own terms.

What keeps you excited about work?

In the agency world, every day is a new challenge: a new issue to learn about, a new set of people to grow friendships with, and a new opportunity to create something we can all feel proud of. I can’t imagine it any other way.