Tell us about what you do at Visceral

I’m a developer on the team; my focus is on the technical components of our projects. I contribute to the functional considerations of a website, such as best practices for coding, server environments, and third-party tools. What this really looks like in practice is staring at code on the screen all day 🙂

What keeps you focused at work?

I love the problem-solving aspect of web development, so as long as there is an interesting challenge in front of me I can stay focused on it., Spotify, and lots of coffee help, too!

If you were going to be reincarnated as any creature, what would you choose?

Some kind of bird with long-distance travel routes, like the Swainson Hawk. These hawks spend the spring and summer roaming through North America, then head to South America to spend winter months exploring the jungles and beaches of Brazil. This is practically my retirement goal!

Favorite San Diego Beer?

As a full-bred San Diegan, I love a well-done IPA. My general go-to would be Sculpin (especially mixed with a bit of the Habenero version). The BEST beer I could rate is Stone’s 16th Anniversary edition of Ruination IPA, which would still be my favorite if it hadn’t been a limited release.