Describe your role at Visceral

As the Production Director at Visceral I am responsible for both our project management practice and the operations of Visceral. In short, I make sure everything is getting done on time and efficiently, and everyone is happy throughout the process.

What Keeps you Focused at Work?

I thrive when everything is organized. I can stay focused if I have a clear to-do list, a clean workspace, a delicious coffee drink or snack, and some good music. I also love switching it up and working from home, from the office, from a coffee shop, from a library, from a different state, etc.

Which of Visceral’s values do you associate with most and why?

Be One Team: I truly believe that very little at Visceral would get done without collaboration. This value is two-fold for me. Being a small, tight knit Visceral team, it is crucial to understand how your colleagues work and how you can support them to be better at their job and vice versa. On the other side, working with clients is so much more enjoyable and effective when we have a trusting, transparent, and effective relationship to ensure successful projects. When we are working on a project with a client, our project team + their project team = one team.

If you could give the high school you any piece of advice what would it be?

Chill out and enjoy the time. Focus on what you care about and explore things you are interested in but you don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to be the best at everything (honestly this is still good advice I should take).