Plan for Success

Get Visceral's ongoing support through a plan that fits your needs

Visceral’s Success Plans are retainer agreements designed to maximize your website’s well-being.  Allow the experts to handle content edits, website monitoring, software updates, security monitoring, strategic planning, and more.

Peace of Mind

Receive weekly software updates, 24/7 uptime monitoring, security scans, daily website backups with the dedicated support of a professional website team.

Priority Service

Jump in front of the line. Visceral places a higher priority on any work done for clients with Success Plans vs. our a la carte option.

Analytics & Insights

Monthly custom Google Analytics dashboards with insights  that can help evaluate performance against benchmarks, understand what content appears to be most successful and provide for information to support recommendations for future updates.

Security & Hosting

Visceral handles mission-critical updates to software like WordPress plugins as soon as they’re reported to minimize exposure and risk. If server updates need to be made or server issues arise, we communicate directly with your host company, saving you time and energy.

Discounted Rate

Get access to all of Visceral’s services at a discounted rate—the more hours you purchase in your plan, the greater the discount you receive.

Professional Care

Get immediate access to our team of web professionals when you need it most—via email or telephone during normal business hours.

Get more for less!

 Choose the tier that best fits your needs and save significantly over our standard rates to get the priority service you need!

Standard BUSINESS: $270 PER HOUR  |  Purpose-Driven Business*: $200 PER HOUR

* We define “purpose-driven” as any organization focused on the greater good including nonprofits, family foundations, fellow certified B Corporations, and social enterprises. If you’re trying to make the world better, you probably qualify.


5 Hours/Month
  • 15% Discount
  • Business: $1,147.50/mo
    @ $229.50/hr
  • Purpose-Driven: $850.00/mo @ $170/hr


10 Hours/Month
  • 20% Discount
  • Business: $2,160/mo
    @ $216/hr
  • Purpose-Driven: $1,600/mo @ $160/hr


15 Hours/Month
  • 25% Discount
  • Business: $3,037.50/mo
    @ $202.50/hr
  • Purpose-Driven: $2,250/mo @ $150/hr


20 Hours/Month
  • 30% Discount
  • Business: $3,780/mo
    @ $189/hr
  • Purpose-Driven: $2,800/mo @ $140/hr

You will need a web server to host your website. Hosting may be added to any success plan package. Monthly costs will vary based on the requirements of your website and Visceral will work with you to assess your options.

Everything You Need to Know

What is included?

Basic Support

All plans include updates to WordPress, plugins, security monitoring, and uptime monitoring. These updates typically take 2 hours each month and will come out of your allocation. Basic support will happen automatically.

WordPress updates: WordPress releases updates on a regular basis. If the update includes improved security measures, we make the update immediately. Other updates that include new features, performance improvements, or other enhancements are less urgent and are made once a month.

Plugin updates: Your website relies on many industry-leading plugins that bring advanced features and functionality of the WordPress platform. Plugin updates are more frequent and are addressed in the same way as the WordPress core updates described above.

Staging site updates: We test all WordPress and plugin updates on a staging version of your site (development site) prior to pushing the update to the production site (live site). This allows our team to ensure there are no issues before the updates go public.

Routine Backups: Your website will be incrementally backed up to the cloud whenever changes are made, and your website’s server will be backed up on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Security monitoring: We will add a security plugin to your site to harden WordPress from common hacking attempts and cyberattacks. This includes monitoring login attempts, detecting file access/changes, scanning for malware, and banning unauthorized IP addresses that are attempting to gain access to your site.

Uptime monitoring: We use a third-party uptime monitoring service that will automatically check your site every 5 minutes to make sure it is running. If it detects it is not up, it will automatically notify Visceral staff so we can promptly respond.

Bug fixes: While we do our best to launch a website free of bugs, they are an inevitable part of launching a product compatible with a diverse ecosystem including servers, security measures, browsers, devices, etc. Bugs take priority and are addressed as quickly as possible.

Enhanced Support

Enhanced support includes anything which you request and may include:

Website updates: Updates include changes or revisions to existing pages and features of your website. These types of updates typically include a low level of effort as they can be made using existing tools on the website. Typical updates might include:

  • Image swaps or adjustments
  • Copy updates
  • Style adjustments

General Support/Routine Check-ins: We are here to support your team as you learn the ins-and-outs of your website.

Performance Reports: Visceral offers performance reports for all tiers of Success Plans. Reports typically monitor Google Analytics for traffic metrics that show how your site is performing. The insights delivered in each report are tailored to the desired outcomes of your website.

Strategy and Planning: You may have requests that need a thoughtful strategy to achieve your desired outcomes. Your need may have a direct relationship with the website or serve a broader communications objective. Visceral can support you by offering:

  • Plans and recommendations
  • Information Architecture (wireframes)
  • Estimated level-of-effort and cost

Website Enhancements and Additions: You may have a request that cannot be addressed with the existing features of your website. Often times these requests are a combination of the following criteria:

  • Requests for new sections or pages that will impact your overall website architecture
  • Requests for new features that require custom solutions or plugins that do not currently exist on your website
  • Requests that require wireframes or design mockups

If I have a question or request, who do I contact?

All requests can be added to the Request Log, but we realize that sometimes you just need to get someone on the phone. For that reason, you can reach your dedicated point-of-contact anytime during normal business hours.

For non-business hour emergencies, we will also set an emergency contact that you can reach should you need to.

How will I know a request is covered?

We will communicate clearly through the Request Log what can be accommodated within your Success Plan allocation. If it cannot be covered (due to lack of hours, the scope of the request, or other reasons) we will communicate why and create an estimate for you.

What do you charge for overages?

We will honor the discounted hourly rate established by your Success Plan tier. In all cases, we will first provide you with an estimate and get your agreement before proceeding.

Can we set up routine check ins?

Yes, we encourage this for clients who feel this will be beneficial. Meeting times will be deducted from your monthly allocations. Depending on your need we may recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check ins.

How do I know how much time I have remaining?

Visceral tracks time invested against each request as they are made. You may request a status update at any time.

What happens if I don’t use all my hours?

Hours cannot be reimbursed or rolled over, but fortunately there is always more that can be done and we can make suggestions for remaining hours.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

The minimum commitment for all plans to begin is three months, but you can always make adjustments within that time. Adjustments must be made between the 1st and 5th of the month and take place the following month.

Will my site be more secure?

Our plans ensure that your site is running and as up-to-date and secure as possible. Many WordPress and Plugin updates are not “mission critical” and threatening to security—some are. By being on a Success Plan, you have the guarantee of our ability to update the site at all points in time to ensure security. We also monitor uptime—In case anything goes wrong, we keep daily backups so it’s