Oceans: Exploring the Unexplored

Schmidt Ocean Institute

The world’s oceans are vast and mostly unexplored. Their complexities are linked with all life on earth and understanding them is critical to understanding our existence on this fragile planet. Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy Schmidt are passionate about this idea, which led to the founding of Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI); an organization devoted to exploring and understanding  the ocean through advanced research, discovery and the open sharing of information.

SOI approached Visceral to rethink the ways in which their website can support their mission of connecting the scientific community and general public. This was an exciting opportunity to develop a dynamic experience showcasing the cutting edge research taking place on board their research vessel, the RV Falkor. The website  virtually immerses users into their vital work, sharing daily updates from their scientific cruises and achievements as they develop some of the world’s most advanced oceanographic research technologies.

The site serves as an active knowledge platform, disseminating the scientific products from each cruise. It connects the world’s researchers to all facets of their work including cruise data and scientific publications in new, important ways. It celebrates the global collaborations taking place, showcasing the academic institutions, organizations and science teams that conduct research on board RV Falkor.

Visually and creatively, the site reflects SOI as an innovative leader in their field. It builds a compelling experience that provides clear pathways to their wealth of knowledge and information. Stunning photography and data visualizations are woven throughout the experience, sharing the achievements of an organization known for their fresh but scientifically grounded approach to oceanographic research.

Connect in real time

Dive into SOI’s scientific cruises and witness breakthroughs as they happen through daily, media-rich cruise log posts. See up-to-the-minute data as it translates through Falkor’s advanced scientific systems.

Collaborate & explore

Learn how to conduct science with SOI, participate in a student cruise, create art at sea, and find educational resources. Take a virtual Tour of RV Falkor and get to know their state-of-the-art scientific systems and equipment.

Follow developments

Track progress as SOI develops the world’s most advanced robotic platforms and technological infrastructure. Watch live as they put their new technology to the test.

Become part of the discovery

Journey with SOI as they provide daily cruise log updates from RV Falkor. Submit questions and get intimate insights from the science teams as the cruise unfolds.

See their impact

Keep up with the latest news and updates from around the institute, including achievements and scientific breakthroughs. See how SOI is using their experience to solve global challenges.

Connect with research

Discover data products and publications from their diverse scientific cruises. Freely download and share these products to advance the the world’s understanding of our oceans.

Explore diverse layouts

Unique and visually compelling layouts engage audiences throughout the site.