Repurpose: Be Good At What You Do & Do Something Good

Yes, We Really Wrote a Book


About Repurpose: Be Good At What You Do & Do Something Good
Written by Sarah Beauchemin

Repurpose: Be Good At What You Do & Do Something Good isn’t the typical business book. It’s not about improving conversion rates, landing more clients, getting rich, or how to code and design websites.

Don’t worry – it’s way better than that.

Repurpose is a candid story about all the ups and downs, missteps, victories, and lessons we’ve learned by running Visceral for 10 years.

Rooted in the belief that doing good work leads to finding purpose and lasting happiness, Repurpose is a book for anyone who has a job. We share our thoughts about what we believe are the most essential aspects of business in the 21st century: Why time is the new money, how to apply your passion, how the right path oftentimes finds you, and the art of sticking with something that matters in our culture of instant gratification.

About the Author: Sarah Beauchemin is a San Diego-based writer and content strategist with nearly 20 years’ experience in business, creative, and editorial writing. In addition to managing the content needs of small businesses and nonprofits, Sarah writes about cause-driven organizations, arts & culture, and lifestyle for publications such as Conscious magazine and digital nonprofit news organization Voice of San Diego. Read more at

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Many of the smartest and best people I know have worked for Visceral over the years, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. A lot of people leave “agency life” to start their own consultancy, and few succeed. Visceral celebrating ten years is a huge deal in and of itself. But I know they have the bar set much higher!

Brian Batchelder – VP, Recruiting at Weber Shandwick

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We practice what we preach in this book and we would love to have a conversation about it. We’ve given presentations for mission-focused organizations in the past on storytelling and content strategy, social media outreach for non-profits and tips for producing successful website launches. We’re available and would love the opportunity to meet others and share our insights. Or if you just want to have coffee and chat, that’s cool too.