Pioneering Standards in Biological Research

Global Biological Standards Institute

Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI) is an organization critical to the improvement of standards and practices in life science research. The new site is built on WordPress, employing powerful publishing tools such as Visual Composer, SEO tools and other customizations, enabling GBSI’s team to make regular updates with ease.

GBSI’s publications library supports their mission to deliver the most advanced information about biomedical research standards.  The Standards Buzz, provides GBSI with an editorial outlet for insights and thought-leadership. GBSI regularly posts updates that feature specialized information from key influencers in the biomedical research field.

GBSI participates in many events throughout the year, including hosting the BioPolicy Summit, the world’s leading convening on biological standards.  As such, we created key website components that support these critical initiatives, including campaign support like #authenticate, a donor pledge platform; and MailChimp integration.