Introducing a Fund to the World

The Kendeda Fund

We partnered with The Kendeda Fund and Brotherton Strategies to create the first public face for the Fund.

The work of The Kendeda Fund began over two decades ago and in that time they have invested more than $500 million in grants to transformative leaders and ideas. During this time, they have chosen to remain behind-the-scenes and allow the work of their partners to shine. The new website continues this tradition, celebrating the work of their grantees and shaping the ways in which the issues they support are understood.

Expressing a brand

The Kendeda Fund has long been guided by a core set of principles and funding priorities. In essence, their brand—the ways in which their grantees, partners relate to the Fund—has existed since its inception. With no existing design direction outside of a logo in place, we had the rare opportunity to build a visual articulation of their brand from scratch—a refreshing challenge! The look and feel of the site is an extension of the brand that has existed all along. The personality of the fund, humble but courageous, is brought to life through a visually rich design that places the focus on critical work of their grantees. The design is both simple yet bold, reflecting their position as a thoughtful contributor to social change.

Exciting features

With WordPress at it’s foundation, the site is a powerful tool that expresses information about the Fund’s programs and highlights the work of grantees in unique and innovative ways:

Grantees in Focus connects audiences to the distinct ways in which they are addressing issues domestically and abroad. Each grantee is organized by program area and brings forward key information about their work. These profiles follow a consistent outline, but also a large degree of flexibility, allowing the profiles to showcase their growing impact.

Our Programs provides information of the Fund’s diverse program areas. A unique layout with a fixed sub navigation guides the user through an immersive overview of each program, highlighting the work of select grantees.

Easy site administration is enhanced via a customized WordPress installation that empowers the Fund to make regular updates across the site. Industry leading SEO and publishing tools make creating new layouts or enhancing existing ones as easy as possible.

Engaging design treatments such as the full browser video on the homepage and parallax effects on the photo-rich headers add interest and intrigue throughout the site.