Hacking Cancer Together

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer is a global calamity that kills millions each year and has an economic cost of over a trillion dollars. It is ruthless, indiscriminate and will affect 2 out of every 5 people in their lifetime. But there is a new hope that can help end cancer for good. The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is dedicated to bringing the best scientists and researchers together to focus on a radical new treatment with the potential to make significant breakthroughs.

We partnered with the Parker Institute to craft a new website focused on maximizing their global communications, showcasing their unprecedented mission and model, and highlighting their cutting-edge research.


“We dream big. We imagine a world where cancer is curable.”

Sean Parker | Chairman
Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

Our Goals

Raise awareness of the Institute’s innovative, collaborative approach to tackling one of healthcare’s biggest problems

Encourage the public to imagine a world where cancer is curable

Provide an intuitive and seamless user experience through streamlined architecture and navigation

Deliver easy access to important research updates, ongoing news coverage, and statements from the Institute

Build a system that encourages growth through an easy-to-use yet flexible content management system (WordPress)

Build a brand for the most forward-thinking cancer research organizations in the world.

How We Delivered

We captured insights from an in-depth discovery process that included traffic data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and audience research which guided the approach to reprioritizing site information. It also allowed us to construct a plan for ongoing analytics to monitor the success of the website.

Because of the unique nature of the Institute, where scientists, clinicians, and industry partners from separate cancer centers all work together, it was important to create an information architecture (IA) that allowed for relationships to be built between various pieces of content. We created interactive wireframes which allowed us to test and iterate on the best solutions to this challenge.

The site needed to effectively communicate complex concepts and cutting edge research to multiple audiences. Through streamlined language, illustrations, and statistics, the Institute is able to reach both scientifically-minded and consumer-focused users in a manner that is both informative and compelling.

Collaboration and communication was as central to the success of this project as it is to the Institute itself. Open sharing of ideas and priorities encouraged teamwork and allowed for a process where concepts evolved and ultimately flourished. Together we were able to create a multi-faceted web strategy that will serve the current needs of the Institute, all while keeping an eye trained toward the future.

The Result

Growth Since Launch


Increase in the number of sessions


Increase in the average pages / session


Increase in the average session duration


Decrease in the bounce rate