Empowering Change Through Collaboration

Washington Global Health Alliance

The Washington Global Health Alliance strives to strategically connect Washington state’s global health stakeholders to enhance their collective impact. 

Founded in 2007, WGHA saw that many organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH and The University of Washington were all working together but were unintentional about it. WGHA bridged this gap and has now grown to have over 70 organizations as members. WGHA approached Visceral with the goal of increasing their capacity of connecting influencers to each other and to update the website from 2011 when it was last refreshed. This was an opportunity to streamline important information, showcase research and resources, and connect members.

Connecting Members

The Our Members section of the new WGHA site displays the members in a clean, refreshed way. Consistent with the design of the site, the Members section introduces membership and displays the unique logos of each member.

Event Coordination

Using a powerful WordPress plugin, the Event Calendar is another way the WGHA website connects people. Viewable as a list or a calendar view, the events section displays all of WGHA’s events and gatherings.  

Career Opportunities

WGHA not only connects organizations to each other but also connects job seekers with career opportunities in the field. The Careers section of the website is a place where member organizations can share job openings that they have available.

Information Sharing

Built on WordPress, Visceral created a site that streamlines the sharing of information. The Resources section of the website provides a user friendly outlet to display their work and their research to a wide audience. Each resource is searchable and categorized by resource type and resource topic.