Cybersecurity Education for the Nation

National Cyberwatch Center

Visceral worked with the National CyberWatch Center (NCC), a consortium of public, private and government organizations, in the creation of a branding system and website designed to advance NCC’s role in building cybersecurity education and strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity workforce.

Our work began with the creation of a new logo and visual identity system. Each element, from the color palette to typography, is adaptable to a diverse set of communications both on and offline. These elements form a cohesive visual language that inform the design of NCC’s promotional literature, event materials and publications.

Built on WordPress, the website’s architecture needed to be flexible and friendly, supporting future growth and providing clear pathways to key information and resources. NCC’s programs and resources are easily navigable, showcasing NCC’s higher education curricula and other initiatives including NCC’s Digital Library, which disseminates cybersecurity research and publications.