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Visceral recently worked with the iNACOL in creating a responsive website to support their mission of transforming K-12 education policy and practice to advance powerful, personalized, learner-centered experiences through personalized and competency-based learning. The new site presented iNACOL with the perfect opportunity to move their brand forward visually to better engage with their audiences.

The site connects educators and policy makers to a wealth of information and resources. Resources are organized using clear categories and tags, highlighting emerging practices in online and blended learning and providing clear pathways to information spanning diverse topics and purposes.

iNACOL has a vast, international membership base. The site is both a driver of membership, highlighting the benefits and registration, but also serves as a participation platform through discussion forums and enabling members to join local, grassroots committees.

A robust events calendar showcases webinars and conferences, including iNACOL’s premier annual event, the iNACOL Symposium. The Symposium section provides in-depth information on the event including registration information, session and workshop details and logistical details for attendees.

The website analytics show measureable results in traffic and interaction due to the streamlined architecture, user-friendly design, and relevant copy. Since launch in May 2015, traffic to the iNACOL site has increased by 56.52% and the bounce rate has decreased by 12.51%. Compared to the year before the new website launched, website traffic from referrals has increased by 81.04% and organic search from Google increased by 40.61%.