Activating Bay Area Cyclists

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

We created a responsive website for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, one of the oldest and largest bicycle advocacy groups in the United States. The site engages and informs the Coalition’s 16,000 member base, keeping them up-to-date on the exciting changes and improvements to the Bay Area’s cycling infrastructure.

Working closely with the Coalition, we refreshed their information architecture to build a distinct and easy-to-navigate site that connects Bay Area cyclists to their vital advocacy work, resources and educational opportunities. Engagement points are woven into the website, inviting cycling advocates to get involved through petitions, volunteer opportunities and attending events.

The responsive, mobile-friendly site delivers progress updates on the Coalition’s campaigns for improvements to the region’s legal and physical cycling infrastructure through news (a blog) and street campaigns. The customized WordPress backend makes timely updates to the site easy and intuitive for staff.