A Closer Look at Stem Cells

International Society for Stem Cell Research

Created for the International Society for Stem Cell Research, A Closer Look at Stem Cells is a comprehensive resource for patients and caregivers seeking information on stem cells and stem cell treatments.

The site emphasizes the critical role of proper research in new stem cell therapy development, giving users the information they need to make informed, thorough decisions about stem cell treatments.

Due to the volume of information on this subject, it was important the site organization be manageable for users.  Information is broken down into digestible chunks, offering both amateur and expert audiences clear and compelling insights. The responsive design and visual aesthetic of the site mirrors ISSCR’s cutting edge leadership in stem cells and stem cell research.

ISSCR incorporates the expertise of over 4000 members worldwide into the creation of patient and caregiver resources, which is showcased on their blog, Stem Cell in Focus. This satisfies ISSCR’s key strategy to connect users with its critical information.