So, What Do We Do Now?

That’s the big question many Americans have been asking now that the 2016 presidential election is over. Where do we go from here? How can we move forward?

We at Visceral have also spent the last week doing some hard thinking and talking amongst ourselves, with our community members, and with our clients.

And while the answers to these questions are still far from clear, we’ve come to one basic conclusion: Visceral will keep doing what we’ve always done — with even more gusto.

Our company’s mission has long been to help cause-based organizations — both nonprofit and private — gain traction and succeed. It’s to help tell their stories, raise awareness of their cause, maximize donations, and get people involved.

In the wake of last Tuesday’s election, continuing that work is more important than ever. For Visceral, it’s a time of renewed commitment to the causes close to our hearts and to our fellow humans across the globe.

To be sure, we and our clients are deeply concerned about what philanthropy might look like under a Donald Trump presidency. The agenda put forth in the new president-elect’s first 100 days action plan has dubious implications for the giving sector, financially and ideologically.

But cause-driven organizations have always fought an uphill battle. And although at times it’s exhausting, we’re prepared to keep fighting. Progress has been made in spite of tremendous obstacles, and today is no different.

Visceral is proud to have helped fight alongside some of the world’s leading causes to keep progress moving. Here’s just a few of the issues we’re focused on continuing to address over the next four years:

  • Climate change – Climate change is real, caused by humans, and will have catastrophic global consequences — especially on the work of groups like our friends at the Wildlife Conservation Network — if we don’t work toward solutions now. Visceral has supported organizations like the Packard Foundation and Heising-Simons Foundation that commit enormous resources to this issue. We plan to expand our environmental support by working with organizations in the clean, alternative energy sector.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” Visceral will continue to light as many candles out there as we can. Will you join us?

Jay Buys

CEO & Co-founder

Describe your role at Visceral As a computer programmer turned CEO my job these days is mostly strategy and problem solving. I get to think about the problems in the world and how we can help...

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