#GivingTuesday 2023

We are proud to take part in our 8th year of #GivingTuesday—a global movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity. Each year we give to our team and the organizations fighting for the causes we care about most. By doing this, we as individuals, and as a company, can play a small part in building the world we want to live in.

“War is an atrocious thing and those impacted the most are the innocent civilians caught in the crossfires of it. We read the headlines and see the traumatizing photos, but I can only imagine how those do not do justice to the real horrors of living it. This year I’ve chosen to donate to the International Rescue Committee, an organization that provides people living in conflict areas like Gaza and Ukraine critical supplies like food, water and healthcare. It’s a small drop in the bucket towards fighting for human rights, but nonetheless an important one.”

“This year, I’ve decided to support Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. Between the devastating conflict between Gaza and Israel, the ongoing Ukraine war, and the numerous other humanitarian crises around the world, Doctors Without Borders is such a vital organization providing emergency medical aid to those facing unimaginable challenges. By contributing to their cause, I hope to play a small part in supporting their efforts to alleviate suffering and bring healing to communities facing adversity worldwide.”


Gifted by Misha

“This Giving Tuesday, I’ve chosen to support UNICEF. UNICEF is dedicated to providing lifesaving assistance to children in need, ensuring they have access to healthcare, education, clean water, and nutrition. Considering the concurrent humanitarian crises occurring around the globe, the initiatives driven by UNICEF and organizations similar to it are vital. Their global reach and expertise allow for swift response to emergencies, including natural disasters and conflicts, ensuring that children affected by these crises receive the support they desperately need. By supporting UNICEF this year, I hope to support them in their role in creating a world where every child has the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and safe.”

“For the 2nd year in row I have chosen to donate to the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library Foundation. As a local Oceanside resident, I think it’s important to support my community that I spend so much time in. Library programs enhanced my life growing up and fostered my love for books and for reading. The programs that Friends of the Oceanside Public Library provides for youth in Oceanside such as after-school homework help for students is crucial for families in need and I’m proud to be able to support that.”

Surfrider Foundation

Gifted by Jessica

“The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the ocean and beaches. As someone who lives in San Diego, I am well aware of the significant impact that the ocean has on our lives. It is crucial for us to strive towards maintaining a clean and thriving environment at the beach, as this ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of the beach for many years to come.”

GRID Alternatives

Gifted by Jay

“A world powered by renewable energy would benefit everyone, but currently, not everyone has equal access to those benefits. Under-resourced communities and communities of color disproportionately bear the burden of environmental injustice and climate change. GRID Alternatives is America’s largest nonprofit installer of clean energy technologies, providing not only no-cost solar installations for low-income households but also training programs that provide pathways out of poverty for tens of thousands of workers.”

The Education Trust

Gifted by Matthew

“Since we began participating in Giving Tuesday, I’ve supported organizations that focus on educational development. Particularly in communities with racial or economic barriers. I have several educators in my family and have seen how our education system can elevate or fail young people. The Education Trust works alongside educators, parents, students, policymakers, and civic and business leaders in communities across the country. They provide practical assistance in their efforts to transform schools and colleges into institutions that serve all students well.”

Charleston Water Keeper

Gifted by Allen

“Wanting to support small, impactful, and local (to me), I again chose to support Charleston Water Keeper. Charleston is surrounded by water: the ocean, the harbor, rivers, coastal wetlands, and creeks. Sources of pollution including local industry and aging infrastructure also surround it. Charleston Water Keeper routinely monitors water quality, investigates pollution sources, and holds private and public organizations accountable for harming our local waterways. Their Swim Alert Map is an essential resource for locals wanting to know the conditions of local waterways and whether it’s safe to enjoy them.”