#GivingTuesday 2022: Getting Rad with Giving

We are proud to take part in our 7th year of #GivingTuesday—a global movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity. What’s radical generosity? It’s the idea that every small act turns a ripple into a wave of good. Each year we give to our team and the organizations fighting for the causes we care about most. By doing this, we as individuals, and as a company, can play a small part in building the world we want to live in.

Sandy Hook Promise

Gifted by Mica

“Each day, 12 children die from gun violence in America. 1 out of 10 gun deaths are age 19 or younger. These are scary statistics and so this Giving Tuesday, I’ve chosen to donate to The Sandy Hook Promise, an organization founded by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that took place 10 years ago. Their foundation educates and empowers youth and young adults to prevent violence in schools, homes, and communities. Through their efforts, they have been able to prevent 11 planned school shootings and 89 acts of violence with a weapon, helped 2800+ students with mental crises, and trained over 18 million people trained through their various programs. While policy change will undoubtedly be a tremendous step towards this issue, organizations like The Sandy Hook Promise focus on a holistic approach at the grassroots level towards creating a cultural transformation on this issue.”

Fair Fight

Gifted by Travis

“Free and fair elections are essential to a functioning democracy, and time and again, we are reminded that we cannot take our voting rights for granted. Fair Fight is an organization that promotes fair elections around the country through advocacy and education. They also fight voter suppression, help mobilize voters, and advocate for progressive issues. In today’s political landscape of increased gerrymandering and election denialism, organizations like Fair Fight are so important in keeping the democratic process intact and making sure everyone’s vote counts.”

The Ocean Cleanup

Gifted by Misha

“Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean. Trash accumulates in five ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California. The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of this floating plastic. To achieve this objective, they work on a combination of goals, aiming to close the sources of plastic pollution and clean up what has already accumulated in oceans and rivers. Their aim is to put themselves out of business once the oceans are clean – by 2040, they aim to have removed 90% of floating ocean plastic.”

“For the last few years, I have donated to local organizations that I feel are directly impacting the community in which I live. In July I moved north of San Diego to Oceanside so this year I chose to donate to Friends of the Oceanside Public Library. This organization works to support the functions and activities of the Oceanside Public Library. From supporting a collection of braille books for blind patrons to after-school homework help for students, the Oceanside Public Library is crucial in supporting and enriching the youth of the city of Oceanside and beyond.”

“Growing up, my best friend’s sister suffered from brain cancer during an early stage of her life. Her health created many obstacles for their family financially and mentally. With the help of Ronald McDonald House of Charities, they were able to alleviate some financial burden and helped with treatments that eventually cured her. For this reason, RMHC holds close to my heart for they were able to help the health and well-being of a beautiful family.”

Climate Action Campaign

Gifted by Jay

“Stopping the worst impacts of the climate crisis is probably the issue that keeps me awake at night the most. Climate Action Campaign is an amazing San Diego organization laser-focused on shaping policy decisions that will shape the future of our community and move it toward a clean energy future, and thanks to their work, San Diego is the first US city to commit to 100% renewable energy. I’ve had the great fortune to work with Director of Policy Mikey Knab at Business For Good San Diego and I can think of no better person or organization to keep pushing policy forward for a more equitable, sustainable energy future for all San Diegans.”

“Access to programs that promote literacy, community responsibility & leadership, and entrepreneurship remain a barrier to upward mobility for many in the Black community, particularly Black girls. Education and widening entry points to these initiatives help reduce and remove these barriers for those who live is underserved and outright ignored neighborhoods. It can be hard to obtain consistent resources and money for programs designed to create leadership in young Black kids. Community-focused organizations like Education Foundation For Freedom, based in Columbus OH, are lifesavers for households with young girls who would normally not have a clear path to education equity.”

Charleston Water Keeper

Gifted by Allen

“I again chose to support Charleston Water Keeper, a nonprofit that is local to me. Charleston is surrounded by water—the ocean, the harbor, rivers, coastal wetlands, creeks—name it. It is also surrounded by sources of pollution and overdevelopment. Charleston Water Keeper routinely monitors water quality, tirelessly investigates sources of pollution, and aggressively holds both private and public organizations accountable for harming our waterways. The Butler Family Foundation matched donations this year, making this my choice to support this small but impactful nonprofit even easier.”