#GivingTuesday 2018

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. It’s a day to reflect on the issues and causes most important to us, and to kick off the giving season by supporting organizations working to tackle the big challenges. For the fourth year in a row, Visceral is supporting our employees to give to the causes that mean the most to them. Here’s what we’re supporting this year. Where are you showing your support today?


Rails to Trails Conservancy

Allen Hopper

RTC’s mission of creating a nationwide network of mixed-use trails in the place of former railroad lines addresses many needs we face as a society: connecting people, nurturing healthy communities, creating environmental awareness, promoting forms of clean transportation, and creating a happier, more active future. My hope is this small donation helps RTC builds public support of these projects and fight for the funding necessary to see their vision through.

San Diego Library Foundation

Dana Jensen

This year I wanted to focus on giving locally to the San Diego community. I chose the San Diego Library Foundation because I have been interacting with the San Diego Central Library since 2014 from volunteering to mend books to hosting monthly Creative Mornings San Diego events. Donating to the San Diego Library Foundation helps the foundation to continue offering programs for children and teens, especially from lower income communities, offer the best technology to patrons who may not have access to technology, promote the arts and music, and so much more. The San Diego Library Foundation is on the ground supporting our beloved San Diego community and I am proud to donate to them for #GivingTuesday this year.


Jay Buys

I’ve long been concerned about the growing risks of climate change and the recent Climate Assessment Report from the government only confirms (once again) the magnitude of the problem. This year I’m proud to support 350.org in their efforts to keep oil, coal, and gas in the ground and build a new zero-carbon economy. Thanks to some generous donors, #GivingTuesday donations are being matched so the impact today is doubled.


Courtney True

At 18 years old, my mother was diagnosed with T1D, Type 1 Diabetes. It wasn’t long after she decided to have children because of the effects diabetes has on infertility. For that, I am grateful she was able to have me and my younger sister. The disease has affected all walks of life, from her daily necessities to live such as eating to the future of her eyesight. One day my mother may never be able to see again… So it is my hope that JDRF and other diabetes research will accelerate the finding of a cure and throughout the search, continue advocating for policy, provide therapies and treatments to battle the disease.

Environmental Defense Fund

Travis Johnson

Nothing else really matters if we don’t make sure our planet is safe, healthy, and habitable. That’s why I’m donating to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), an organization that uses science and economics to improve the health of ecosystems and people around the world, as well as finds solutions to curb global warming. We are reaching a tipping point when it comes to climate change and organizations like EDF are now more important than ever to continue to defend our precious environment.

GRID Alternatives

Misha Trombley
With the release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, it’s more obvious than ever that action must be taken to address the impact our planet is facing from climate change. My home state of California has agreed on a goal of being entirely carbon-free by 2045. California has been a leader in taking action on climate change, and this admirable goal requires participation from all energy sectors within the state. This is why I’m giving to GRID Alternatives. GRID’s mission is to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities. Their work comprises no-cost solar installment, solar training for clean energy jobs, technical assistance, and policy leadership. The road to a sustainable future is built on dedication and hard work and is achievable if we continue to educate and progress at all levels of society.


Matthew Billingsley

This year I’m donating to TECH CORPS to aid in creating the next generation of professional creatives, engineers and developers. Their mission is to bring technology resources to K-12 students and teachers through national, state and local programs. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to volunteer and serve as a mentor for students from elementary school to graduate college level in two hack-a-thon events. From those experiences, I realized one of the biggest barriers to entry for this type of education is awareness. Many kids, especially from at-risk environments, simply don’t know about organizations like this. I’d love to see TECH CORPS and other groups like them grow and become more “normal”.

Jay Buys

CEO & Co-founder

Describe your role at Visceral As a computer programmer turned CEO my job these days is mostly strategy and problem solving. I get to think about the problems in the world and how we can help...

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