#GivingTuesday 2020

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. It’s a day to reflect on the issues and causes most important to us, and to kick off the giving season by supporting organizations working to tackle the big challenges. Needless to say, 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year, and the holidays and the end of the year may feel weird and eerie as the world continues to feel uncertain and scary, so we’re choosing to find a little magic in the things we can control, like supporting our community and fellow humans during tough times. For the sixth year in a row, Visceral is supporting our employees to give to the causes and organizations that mean the most to them. Here’s what we’re supporting this year. Where are you showing your support today?

Brotherhood/Sister Sol

Matthew Billingsley

For Giving Tuesday this year I’m choosing to donate to The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. Bro/Sis is a social justice youth development organization who have protested killings by the police nationally for 25 years.

They provide comprehensive, holistic and long-term support services to youth via evidence-based programming. The organization focuses on issues such as leadership development and educational achievement, sexual responsibility, sexism and misogyny, political education and social justice, Pan-African and Latino history, and global awareness.

Mama’s Kitchen

Dana Jensen

For the second time, I chose to donate to Mama’s Kitchen. It’s been six months since Giving Tuesday Now happened and the value of Mama’s Kitchen is more important today than ever. Mama’s Kitchen is a San Diego, community-driven organization that provides nutritious meals to people around San Diego who are vulnerable to hunger due to HIV, cancer, or other critical diseases. It is so important right now for the vulnerable populations in our community to stay healthy and Mama’s Kitchen is on the front lines making sure everyone has access to fresh, colorful food without risking their health and wellbeing.

Save Our Stages

Jay Buys

Live music has played such an important part in my life that I’m honestly not even sure of the type of person I’d be without it. I go to concerts like other people go to church and this year marks the longest stretch of time without attending a live show for me in over 25 years. The music industry has been absolutely decimated by the pandemic and without help, many of the venues we know and love will shut their doors forever. This year I’m supporting the National Independent Venue Association Emergency Relief Fund to help raise money for these venues as we wait on Congress to pass legislation. #SaveOurStages

For the Future and Kids 4 Kids

Mica Liversidge

The strongest tropical storm in recorded history hit the Philippines a few weeks ago, just as it was recovering from 2 very recent strong typhoons and amidst a global pandemic. This Giving Tuesday, I am donating to the relief efforts to those communities badly hit by those storms. ForTheFuture in partnership with Kids4Kids is a youth led organization that provides both long term aid and immediate relief to typhoon victims, including rebuilding homes, providing evacuation center relief goods and supplying PPEs for the displaced. They have a real-time tracker for where your money goes which is awesome for transparency and seeing how far donations can go to help people’s lives.

San Diego Canyon Lands

Travis Johnson

This year I’m donating to San Diego Canyonlands. This small but mighty organization is dedicated to restoring and protecting canyons throughout San Diego. They focus on educating and collaborating with communities to connect San Diegans with nature and to improve habitats for native plants and animals alike. I’ve seen their transformative work first-hand in my own neighborhood! I believe it’s important for everyone to take time to explore the natural world, and San Diego Canyonlands helps make that experience even better by caring for these urban wild oases.

Feeding San Diego

Misha Trombley
This Giving Tuesday, I’m supporting Feeding San Diego. Feeding San Diego is on a mission to connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue. More than 92% of the food provided to the community is rescued; by diverting more than 27.6 million pounds of food from the landfill every year, Feeding San Diego reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 25,000 metric tons of CO2 – the equivalent of taking 5,300 cars off the road for a year. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for food assistance in San Diego County by 50%. It is so important, during this time more than ever, that those in our community have access to food should they need it.

Neighborhood Healthcare

Nick Peddie

On this Giving Tuesday I am donating to Neighborhood Healthcare. Community has always been an important part of my life. From an early age, my parents instilled in me that helping those in need is great for our happiness and best for our community as a whole. The pandemic has created problems for all communities, financially, and there are many who don’t have the means to pay for medical, dental and behavioral health visits. These are essential needs that Neighborhood addresses.

Opportunity Fund

Allen Hopper

The pandemic has been absolutely devastating for small businesses. It’s gutwrenching to watch so many dreams, hard work, and livelihoods get obliterated by the quarantines. I chose to support Opportunity Fund’s Small Business Relief Fund, as a small way to support small businesses in underserved communities across the country, many of which won’t make it out on the other side without the support of non-government people and organizations.

Kiss The Ground

Natalia Tamburini

This year, I am donating to Kiss the Ground, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to change the way humans interact with Earth by changing our relationship with soil. Their goal is to create and expand societal awareness about the solution to humanity’s greatest challenges that is right under our feet—healthy soil and carbon sequestration. They educate farmers in regenerative agriculture practices, train advocates in how to spread the world, and help people like you and me become more active participants in the pursuit of a more interconnected and sustainable planet. You can learn more by watching their Netflix Documentary “Kiss the Ground” and find your path in the movement here.

Natalia Tamburini

Natalia Tamburini

Project Manager

I manage project schedules, timelines, and budgets. I liaison communications between our clients and the rest of the team, and also run our social media channels. Essentially, I like to make lists and talk to people about ways to make a positive impact in the world.