Foundation Websites: A Case for Clarity & Transparency

There are thousands of private foundations in the United States and each makes grants aligning with their missions, but the similarities end there. Each foundation has unique grantmaking priorities and strategies, and despite many foundation’s best efforts, this information can feel obscure or opaque to those seeking more information on who, how, and why the grants are made.

One of the most effective ways for foundations to address this is by sharing information about their awarded grants via their website. An up-to-date grant directory provides valuable insights into the foundation’s priorities and makes it easier for prospective grantees to understand the opportunities available to them.

That’s why, with the help of some of our favorite foundation partners, we created Grant Directory Pro—a cost-effective and efficient solution to creating a searchable directory of grants.

Having a grant directory has many benefits, here are just a few:

The Kresge Foundation is a leader in grantmaking transparency. Their directory publicly shares grant amounts, focus areas, the purpose behind each grant made, and more!

Increased transparency

A grant directory makes this information publicly available, which in turn, helps foundations demonstrate their accountability and commitment to responsible funding.

The James Irvine Foundation shares how prospective grantees align with their mission of advancing economic opportunities in California.

Improved access to information

A grant directory makes it easier for grant-seeking organizations to find and apply for grants that are relevant to their work.

Heising-Simons Foundation’s data visualizations show trends in grantmaking over time.

Better decision-making

A grant directory provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about grants, so organizations can more easily identify trends and patterns in grant-making.

McKnight Foundation’s grant directory helps potential collaborators see shared priorities.

Increased collaboration

A grant directory makes it easier to identify shared interests and opportunities for collaboration with like-minded organizations and initiatives, building stronger networks and partnerships, and leading to more impactful work.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation visualizes the geographic reach of their grants and programs via maps.

Demonstrate commitment and impact

Visualizing a foundation’s grantmaking via charts and graphs can be a powerful tool to demonstrate its dedication to creating positive change. There are many ways to showcase data such as grantmaking over time, by program area, or by location.


Despite all the benefits, creating an intuitive directory of grantmaking data is not easy. That’s why we created Grant Directory Pro – The only WordPress plugin designed for foundations, with the help of foundations. Want to know if Grant Directory Pro is right for you? Schedule a free consultation today.

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