Climate Victory Needs You!

Climate change is a controversial topic that cannot be ignored. As the debate continues, we are proud to share our work on the Climate Victory campaign to support clean energy alternatives. To help cut through the noise we helped our partner PR agency, Marcacci Communications, bring the campaign to life through a series of WWII propaganda-themed posters.

Climate Victory is a crowdsourced campaign enlisting artists and designers from across the country to illustrate the battles we’re winning in the fight to decarbonize our world, promote cleaner energy alternatives and defeat climate change. Visceral helped create the identity and poster designs that focused on four key areas of awareness: Rooftop Solar Power, Wind Power, the Keystone XL Pipeline and Fossil Fuel Divestment.

Rooftop Solar Shifts Power!

Climate Victory - Solar
Solar energy has grown an amazing 400% in America since 2010 alone, and rooftop solar system are leading the charge. With every new solar array installed, homes are empowered to generate their own electricity and our communities move closer to a energy-independent and climate-resilient future.

Wind Power Fills Our Sails!

Climate Victory - Wind
Wind power has become one of America’s biggest sources of renewable energy and can now power more than 15 million U.S. homes. Our limitless supply of wind is blowing away carbon emissions from fossil fuels, creating new green jobs every day, and gusting toward a clean energy future.

No! To Keystone XL

Climate Victory - XL
The Keystone XL pipeline would unlock Canada’s tar sands oil deposits – one of the dirtiest energy sources in the world, and “game over” for the climate fight. Join the hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadians standing up to tell President Obama that saying #NoKXL equals defusing the world’s biggest carbon bomb.

Divest From Fossil Fuels

Climate Victory - Divestment
Divesting from fossil fuels helps protect investors from trillions in financial risk from the “carbon bubble” and directs new funding to clean energy generation. With every college, university, religious organization, and government that moves investment away from fossil fuels, the divestment movement gains another victory for financial and climate security.

The word is spreading: Clean TechnicaHuffington PostEcoWatchSustaina Blog

The Climate Victory campaign brings together three additional organizations leading the charge for decarbonizing our world:, the Creative Action Network and Green Patriot Posters. This was a fun and fullfilling project and we’re happy to have been apart of it.

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