Climate Change is Real. This is How We Help Fight It.

It’s an alarming era for those of us who believe climate change is real. And let’s be crystal clear on this: climate change is real.

The international scientific community has come to an overwhelming consensus on the issue. Decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature have consistently shown that 97% of climate scientists around the world agree climate change is real, and it is caused by humans. Even the Pentagon views climate change as a threat and is moving forward with plans to protect against sea-level rise.

Climate change will cost billions of dollars and displace hundreds of millions of people. It will cause famine and water shortages, resulting in countless preventable deaths. In some areas of the world, this has already begun.

Each day we ignore or deny climate change ensures there will be less sustainable Earth to live on. Yet our nation’s current leaders are doing exactly this.

Last week, the Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt — who rejects climate science — as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an organization he’s sued 14 times. Hundreds of former EPA members signed a letter urging Pruitt’s rejection, to no avail. President Trump stated climate change is a hoax, supports cutting the EPA’s budget and staff, and finds no value in NASA’s climate science research. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) recently introduced to Congress H.R.861, a bill that aims to dismantle the EPA altogether.

The current administration is not going to help us make progress against climate change. It’s up to us, the people. So what can we do? Generating public awareness and energizing support are the first two major steps.

Visceral has already started doing this by working with organizations like the The David & Lucile Packard Foundation and Heising-Simons Foundation that invest millions of dollars in the fight against climate change.

But we want to do more. Our primary purpose at Visceral is to unleash ideas that move people. That’s why we’re offering discounted rates on any project that tackles the critical issue of climate change. Whether you’re a for-profit business selling residential solar panels, an NGO that funds climate research, or anything in between, Visceral wants to help you rally.

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Jay Buys

CEO & Co-founder

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