10 Years of Repurposing Visceral

About a year ago, we realized – with some astonishment – that Visceral was about to turn 10. We felt we should do something more special than simply throwing a party to recognize this important milestone (and truth be told, having kegs and a ping pong table in the office keeps things pretty loose around here anyway).

So we decided to do something far more enduring and memorable: we wrote a book.

At first, we were at a loss as to how to get started on the project. After all, writing a book isn’t exactly quick or easy. Especially when you’re not a writer.

Jay and I tossed around the idea of “writing” the book ourselves, via a basic “coffee table” book – a visual compilation of Visceral’s project work since we opened our doors. But that felt stale and impersonal. Not exactly the kind of tribute we were shooting for.

We finally admitted we needed help, and turned to writer Sarah Beauchemin for guidance. From a decade’s worth of loose, rambling thoughts and recollections, Sarah created a cohesive, engaging story that not only chronicled what Jay and I did in Visceral’s ten years, but more importantly, what we learned. Our candid story, Repurpose – Be Good What You Do & Do Something Good, is about all the ups and downs, missteps, victories, and lessons we’ve learned by running Visceral for 10 years.

Our experience wasn’t all happiness and hi-fives. In growing Visceral into what it is today, we had to travel down several different paths and make decisions that in some cases, really set us back. But we grew, persevered, and used those experiences to get better. Better at decision making, at supporting our team, at executing projects, and at finding happiness and purpose.

Rooted in the belief that doing good work leads to finding purpose and lasting happiness in your career, Repurpose is for anyone who has a job. In it, we share our thoughts about what we believe are the most essential aspects of business in the 21st century: Why time is the new money, how to apply your passion, how the right path oftentimes finds you, and the art of sticking with something that matters in our culture of instant gratification.

Everyone has a passion that drives them. If harnessing that passion is something that interests you, grab a copy of Repurpose. Or, read more about it here first. Let us know what you think!

Matthew Billingsley

Creative Director & Co-founder

Tell us about your job at Visceral I support and lead our creative efforts to ensure we deliver thoughtful and unique solutions - I’m a design communicator. Forming and articulating creative ideas to connect our team...

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Jay Buys

CEO & Co-founder

Describe your role at Visceral As a computer programmer turned CEO my job these days is mostly strategy and problem solving. I get to think about the problems in the world and how we can help...

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