Natalia Tamburini

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Natalia got her first taste of the social impact world when she discovered a documentary about child soldiers in South Sudan at 15. Ever since, she has been motivated by an endless curiosity and the drive to make a difference. She strives to lead a purposeful life in every sense of the word.

As project manager, she combines the empathetic, analytical, and creative parts of her brain to organize, coordinate and execute projects that make an impact. Natalia is passionate about mental health, global education, and health promotion.

When not at work, you can find Natalia at a live music show, hiking and camping around San Diego and beyond, browsing through the public library, or planning her next international adventure.

Fun fact:
Natalia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and became fluent in English by reading the Harry Potter series and watching Lizzie McGuire when her family moved to the US.