Austin Gil


Austin is a WordPress expert with a diverse background and knack for making clients happy. He builds diverse, technically sound and sustainable web products that deliver compelling user experiences. Blending his technical knowledge with strategic vision, he offers insights into the tools essential to the implementation of successful information architectures. The projects that he is most excited about working on involve nature and wildlife conservation, scientific research, and education. Outside of the office you might find Austin running around a soccer field, riding his bike around Balboa Park, practicing his salsa moves, or traveling the world (15 countries and counting). He believes pizza is good for you since its basically just vegetables, some protein, a bit of dairy, and a healthy serving of carbs. The same applies to chips and salsa.

His favorite part about working at Visceral:

“I get to build awesome websites for awesome clients that are actually very excited about their causes and trying to make the world a better place. My team is awesome too. Everyone is happy to be here and they all bring different skills and ideas to the table. It’s a great place to learn from each other, advance our skills, and grow as a team. I love it!”