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2019 Year in Review

365 days. 18,000+ hours of work. Countless amounts of coffee and an immeasurable feeling of gratitude. 2019 was a year filled with valued partnerships, exciting new ventures, and inspiring challenges. As a company, we have so much to be proud of, and we couldn’t have done any of it without our dedicated team, awe-inspiring clients, and fantastic partners. Take a look into some of our most special moments from 2019:

Craft With Purpose

We lead every project with intention and truly believe that we can make a difference by combining creativity and technology to help our clients further their impact.

That intention and sense of purpose are what makes us so proud to show off the work we’ve done in the past year:

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is dedicated to bringing the best scientists and researchers together to focus on a radical new treatment with the potential to make significant breakthroughs. We partnered with the Parker Institute to craft a new website focused on maximizing their global communications, showcasing their unprecedented mission and model, and highlighting their cutting-edge research. We’re proud of all of our work but this one hits close to home for a lot of us. Check out the new website.


Major Project Launches

And lots of smaller ones. Here are just some of the incredible organizations and foundations we partnered with in 2019: PEAK Grantmaking, Vail Health Foundation, 1,000 Days, The Russell Family Foundation, ECOLIFE Conservation, REDF, Imagine Worldwide, Eric Schmidt Website, PICI Website Update, Energy Action Fund, Schmidt Science Fellows, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Our New Website and Video

We walked the walk and redesigned our own website to better communicate our mission and showcase our amazing clients. Internal projects are always hard to prioritize amongst everything else, so we’re extremely proud of this refresher to our website.

We also worked with the outstanding team at Hale Production Studios to create a short video that captures who we are and why we do what we for our shiny new website.  We think they nailed it. What do you think?

Learn By Doing

We don’t shy away from new opportunities and chances to learn. We encourage each other to push out of our comfort zone and thrive as we learn and grow. In 2019, we took some big leaps of faith and made small but mighty progress in our own personal and professional development.

Take a look:

Creative Mornings

Jay spoke to 300+ people at Creative Mornings and shared his thoughts on the symmetry of profit and purpose and his passion for doing work for good. Check him out.

Classy Collaborative

Dana and Natalia led a workshop at Classy’s Collaborative conference on efficient project management. Check out their handy Project Planner to help you keep your next project running smoothly. Download.


Conferences Attended

In 2019, we traveled to Austin, Portland, Boston and New York to attend some incredible conferences: Smashing Conference, Classy Collaborative, COMNET, Non-Profit Technology Conference (NTC) and more.


Pages Read

Some of our favorite books of the year were; Traction, The Art of Gathering, Radical Candor, Resilient Management, The Infinite Game, Building a Story Brand, Talk Triggers, Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope, The Leadership Mindset and Ruined by Design.


Brown Bag Workshops

Each member of our team is brilliant in their own way so a few times a year we get lunch from one of the amazing local Hillcrest businesses and have a team member teach the rest of us. This year we learned how the Internet actually works (it’s like magic!), what our enneagram types are and how to use that at work, what Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are, how to keep things safe and secure online, and how to make strategic business decisions.

Be One Team

We’re always working towards a collective good — whether it’s internally or with our clients, we’re all playing with a common goal in mind.

Here are a few things we do to help our team grow and thrive:


We’re proud to pay for 90% of health, vision, and dental coverage for our team members (and their spouses and children). We also pool our profits and share them with the team so we all benefit when Visceral does well. Each team member also gets $1,000 to devote to their professional development.

Travel and team outings

We take having fun seriously! We offer a generous and flexible PTO office that’s allowed our team members to travel to Japan, Mexico, Prague, Budapest, Italy, Spain, France & Austria! Every other week, we also grab lunch together as a team to catch up and get to know each other better.


We can’t take credit here but we’re just so excited that our Visceral family grew by 2 this year. Congratulations Travis and Allen!


Healthcare coverage


Professional development fund


Profit Pool


Babies born


Team Volunteer Events

We donated our time as a team to incredible local organizations that are doing some great things for our community and planet as a whole.

Kitchens For Good breaks the cycles of food waste, poverty and hunger through innovative programs in workforce training, healthy food production, and social enterprise.

ECOLIFE Conservation’s mission is to protect wildlife, natural resources, and the people who depend on them. We are helping humans and nature prosper together.

Kathy’s Legacy is a non-profit working to revive hope for children of domestic violence homicide.

Love What You Do

For us, it’s not just about money. We always make sure the clients we choose, the way we spend our time and investments, and our creative endeavors line up with our values and our belief in a better world.

Check out some of our brightest moments from 2019:


Our favorite holiday. For the 5th year in a row, every member of the team selected a cause that they care about for us to donate money to. What started as a fun idea has turned into an annual traditional that allows us to give thousands of dollars to organizations fighting for the values we hold dear. See who we supported in 2019.

Yir Gt


We made a big investment this year and became the Sustainability sponsor of the COMNET Conference in Austin. Our investment provided water stations around the conference so attendees could fill up their reusable water bottles! We also shared some tips on how to create a sustainable future for your organization.

How to Kickstart a Website Redesign

We also partnered with the wonderful folks of The Communications Network to present a webinar. See Matthew lead a workshop to provide guidance on how to plan for, and be succesful in, undertaking a website redesign project.

Business for Good

We launched our first major pro bono project!

This is a huge milestone for us as we are able to find ways to contribute as an agency to causes and organizations we’re passionate about. You can read more about this project and what it means to us here.

Thank You!

To our incredible clients: none of these milestones would exist if it weren’t for you. We’re fueled by your passion and dedication to the greater good. You inspire us in countless ways every day.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner, and for believing that we can make a difference together.