Common Web Design Terms – Technical Edition

Here at Visceral, we recognize that some of the terms we use every day might sound a little bit like a foreign language to you.  To make things easier, we have created this guide that defines many of the technical terms and acronyms that we use frequently so that you can familiarize yourself with the terminology before diving into a website redesign. 301 Redirects - A permanent redirect from one URL to another.  This is like setting a forwarding address with the post office when you move so that you (or your webpage) can be found even though your address has changed. AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML – AJAX is a combination of web languages that allows a webpage to update data without reloading the whole page.  Simple examples of AJAX in action include when a blog or social network (Facebook) will load new posts as you scroll down the page, or when you successfully submit a form and the page does not refresh.  Ajax is also the name of our web developer’s awesome dog. Analytics - Website analytics is data that is captured and analyzed about the behavior and demographics of visitors to your website, social media channels, etc.  The purpose is to understand and optimize the way users interact with your web properties online. Visceral generally uses Google Analytics for websites. API - Application Program Interface – software-to-software interface that allows two separate applications to share data or events.  APIs are often used when integrating 3rd party services such as email marketing or CRM tools. CDN - Content Delivery Network- A system of servers that deliver a webpage (or other digital content such as your iTunes or Google Play downloads) to a user based on geographic location making the content distribution faster the closer the server is. Read More...


Get the Most From Your Website Redesign Agency

Once the decision has been made to redesign your organization’s website, what are the next steps? Regardless of the rationale, we have provided a guide for what you should know before engaging with a digital agency. A little pre-prep before making the hire will ensure you get the most return on your investment and create a productive relationship.


10 Ways to Integrate Social Media into your Cause’s Website

By now it is well understood that social media is important for a cause driven organization.  When integrated with your website, it can increase traffic and heighten interactions with your audiences in new and meaningful ways. These are the top 10 ways we recommend integrating the different platforms of social media into your website.

Five Tips for Success

I had the honor of being part of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation (MCSF) Annual Scholarship Announcement Ceremony Panel.  MCSF is the Nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children.  Each year they award scholarships to college students and hold a ceremony with a panel of speakers who give brief talks with tips and tricks for succeeding in college, sounding smart in job interviews, maximizing internships, etc.

Climate Victory Needs You!

Climate change is a controversial topic that cannot be ignored. As the debate continues, we are proud to share our work on the Climate Victory campaign to support clean energy alternatives. To help cut through the noise we helped our partner PR agency, Marcacci Communications, bring the campaign to life through a series of WWII propaganda-themed posters. 


How to Create an Effective Hashtag for Your Cause

Two centuries ago, Romantic poet Lord Byron correctly observed that “a drop of ink may make a million think.” Byron’s generation was the first born into a progressively egalitarian public sphere that rapidly spread across Europe; thriving trade and early capitalism created a new middle class that challenged monarchical standards, desired rational answers to life’s scientific mysteries, and above all, demanded a free exchange of ideas and information. Byron well recognized that just a few succinct words implanted into this social network – which could finally be disseminated to the masses with ease – could revolutionize public opinion and, thus, action.


Visceral Has Added a New Team Member!

Hi everyone! I am Dana, Visceral’s new summer intern! I just graduated from the University of San Diego with a Marketing major in May of this year.  Having grown up in the blistering cold and torturous humidity that envelopes Minnesota, I am so happy to be living and working in sunny San Diego.


5 steps to organizing your blog’s content—taxonomy simplified

Many of the websites that Visceral works on include blogs, resource libraries or features that require schemes to organize and relate content. The most common instance of this is a blog—including those on sites we’ve launched for Wildlife Conservation Network, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and Quinn Thomas. The question and challenge that always comes up (after a potential freak out regarding the ability to create regular content on a continual basis — we suffer from this as well) is how to organize content. Should we use categories or tags? Or both? Or neither? The good news is, it doesn’t need to be complicated. There is no single answer to this question but there are several driving principles that can help guide you to creating a smart, simple taxonomy.  Let’s go over the basics first.

Visceral Vision Quest

Two weeks ago, the Visceral team met in San Diego for three days. The purpose of the meetings was to get some client work done, stare in each others eyes (not via Google Hangouts but for real) and spend some time focusing on Visceral. We work diligently to give much of our attention to our clients.  That’s our business and we love it, but we know now that it is really important for us to be selfish every once in a while and focus on Visceral itself. So, we came together and did just that.

sfbike.org—Engaging and Informing Bay Area Cyclists

We recently worked with one of the nation’s oldest and largest cycling advocacy organizations—the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition in a comprehensive website refresh.