5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Google Analytics to Measure User Engagement

Recently, I became “Academy Certified” when I completed the first of the Google Analytics Academy courses. Google modifies their analytics services on a continual basis, so it’s very important for the crew here at Visceral to stay proficient in the technical implementation of analytics and the strategy for why and how it can be used to each organization’s specific needs.


So You Want to Offer Online Donations? – Part I

In this first part, we will detail the online payment process so that you have the knowledge to make informed decisions when comparing different solutions. Even if you think you will only collect a few online donations a year, there are a lot of benefits to offering this service to your supporters. A few of the benefits of collecting online donations include...

HOW Design Magazine

Visceral Featured on HOW Magazine’s Blog: Collaboration Tools & the Modern Digital Agency

Visceral is featured in HOW Magazine’s blog! At Visceral we are constantly refining and improving our processes to be as efficient as they are effective. One of the ways that we do this is by leveraging the wealth of emerging web-based tools. These tools often facilitate our processes, helping our full team better manage various the many aspects of our projects, from productivity to collaboration to documentation. Of the many tools in our arsenal, the one that has brought the most value in nearly all respects has been Smartsheet. Today, HOW Magazine’s blog featured a post by all-star Production Manager, Allegra Poggio, on the various ways which we utilize the web-based software in a project setting —specifically on our recently launched website and donation platform for the Wildlife Conservation Network. This is a post packed with valuable insights into our use of the tool and our creation at Visceral. We’d love for you to take a moment, check it out and share with anyone you think might benefit from it. Thanks to both Smartsheet and HOW Magazine for the love.

Quinn Thomas

Launching Quinn Thomas 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of quinnthomas.com, a responsive website for the most progressive public affairs firm in the Pacific Northwest, Quinn Thomas.


Old Design is the New Design

Design trends are routine. My formal education began in the mid 90’s when David Carson’s grid-busting giant type, grungy textures and over-exposed photography were the rage. By the time I entered the workplace 6-pt type, abstract vector forms and Joshua Davis’s Flash mastery was the thing to emulate. Mention these to designers my age and the following will happen: groans, eye-rolling, nostalgic laughing or all the above.


Help Visceral Help Others With One Button Click

Our premise is simple: we seek to do the work that we love for groups that are helping to make the world a better place. We are an independent digital communications firm specializing in design and development for nonprofits, cause and mission-driven organizations in areas such as education, civic arts and sustainable energy. We have recently applied for a Mission Main Street Grant via Chase Bank. This grant will enhance our ability to do what we love more efficiently to create a maximum impact on behalf of our clients and partners.

Wildlife Conservation Network

Making a Website with Great Purpose

We are proud to announce the launch of a responsive website for the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), a non-profit organization supporting conservation leaders’ efforts to protect endangered species around the globe.

Wisdom from Ira Glass on Creative Work delivered via Kinetic Typography

Many of those involved in creative work have good taste. Or we think we have good taste.  Which means that we are our own toughest critic when our own work doesn’t really live up to that taste. There is good reason for that criticism because it challenges us to produce even better work. This video by David Shiyang Liu, which is an excerpt from a larger interview with legendary storyteller, Ira Glass, is a simple, refreshing visual and auditory description of the challenges in the creative process and how to overcome the gap between good taste and great work. The answer? Work harder.


#UnicornCats (aka Using an Instagram API Class)

#OMG! Did you know Instagram now has over 130 million monthly active users?  This is great news if you need an audience for your #unicorncat photo project.  But let’s take our sharing a step further and use the Instagram open API to embed your fluffy alicorn-donning friends right on your website (yes, I said alicorn). Using this simple PHP Instagram API class, we can tap into the world of Instagram and display photos by tag or user with some light PHP coding.