Visceral is Hiring a Front End/WordPress Developer!

Details About the Role Visceral crafts award winning websites and digital products for the world’s leading cause-driven organizations.  We are looking for a smart and motivated developer to join our small, growing team in downtown San Diego.  As a developer at Visceral, you will actively contribute to project strategy, creative direction and technical development in a collaborative environment.


What I Learned from the Nonprofit Technology Conference (while sitting at my desk)

A few weeks ago more than 2,000 nonprofit professionals gathered in Austin, TX to exchange knowledge, discuss challenges and explore what is new in the area of nonprofits’ use of technology. There was an amazing mix of session topics – everything from storytelling, case studies of online communities, online fundraising to use of data science for improving programs and even the value of walking meetings.


When is a One Page Website Right for your Project?

In 2014, our long-time partner, Arabella Advisors, engaged Visceral in an effort to evolve the visual identity and plan, architect and design a small online experience for ECET2.


The Best Email Marketing Platforms for Mission-driven Organizations

You’ve heard it before, email marketing is a must for any mission-driven organization seeking to engage supporters consistently. Whether you are new to email marketing or a veteran looking to improve your email marketing efforts, this post will help you find the best email marketing platform that fits your unique needs.


Visceral Serves Financial Industry with Custodia Financial

In October 2014, Visceral worked with Custodia Financial to launch a new website. We are excited to begin to collaborate with financial service industry clients along with our non-profit, education, biotech and clean and alternative energy clients.


How to Get Free Advertising for Your Nonprofit with Google Ad Grants

You know those promoted links that appear above and to the right of your search results when you Google something? That’s Google AdWords, Google’s online marketing service, in action. A business creates its personalized campaign in AdWords, and voila! Katie’s Cast Iron Cookware pops up right above your search results for “large skillet.” AdWords is, hands down, one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your organization’s website.


Introducing a New Website for The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

In late 2014, we set out to redesign the website of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, one of the nation’s largest philanthropic foundations. The Foundation provides grants to nonprofits whose work improves the lives of the global community and protects the environment. For the last three years, we have worked with the Foundation on a roadmap for an organization-wide adoption of digital and social platforms that connect diverse audience groups to some of the most pressing issues we face today.


10 SEO Tips Nonprofits Should Know in 2015

SEO is more important than ever.  With thousands of new websites and blogs launching each day, the web is becoming a crowded place. Over the years, search engines have gotten smarter and sophisticated enough to distinguish between content that is relevant to your audiences and content that is written with the sole intention of pleasing the search engine.  If you want a high search ranking these days, you’ll want to do one thing: write compelling and well formatted content—often. Yet many nonprofit and mission driven organizations are unaware of this fundamental shift in SEO practices.  We encounter a great deal of misinformation that leads well-intentioned teams to lose precious hours trying in vain to generate SEO-friendly content, so we’ve put together this short guide full of useful tips so that you don’t have to waste time heading in the wrong direction.


4 Ways Charity Navigator Can Increase Your Donor Dollars

You’ve sat attentively through the long fundraising meetings, poring over spreadsheets, donor stats, and event planning charts. You’ve spent months constructing a sensational annual campaign. Your Outlook calendar is peppered with all of the exciting fundraising events for the upcoming year. Donors, old and new, are going to fall hard for your org. You’re all set: commence kicking ass and taking names! Except as the year progresses, you’re increasingly disappointed that your org is not exactly where it should be. You don’t get it. Despite heavy promotion via social media, word-of-mouth, great content, and community events, you’re still coming up short. What gives?


Oh, What a Year!

It was a crazy, awesome, productive 2014 for us here at Visceral and we are excited for what 2015 will bring and what we will bring to it. We passed many milestones in 2014 and are grateful to our clients, friends and family who were along for the ride. Here is a rundown of all the great things from 2014. May your first week of 2015 be bright and fun. If it’s not, don’t worry. You have lots of other weeks to make up for it!